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In the ''Choice company'' category, each skipper has his specialty:
Singer of old Merchant navy songs, cock and bull or travel story teller, marine furniture workmanship, Brittany origins, sail instructor, sea rescues, the sea as a theatre, second captain on the famous old sails, and...charm skippers ?

Luc EP !
j-luc et didier charme David au petit réveil

David catering to his crew
One early morning among others...
cours aérodynamique

Sailing with a skipper on board...
Also means the odd class in aerodynamics.

Thierry ne regarde pas

Hardly noticed !
une bière entre hommes

The skipper...a new pal
Navigation among beer buddies !

hommes à l

Learn how to moor aship..
Men at the Anchor !
montée au mat

Climb to the top of the mast..
Supervised by the skipper
Christian et enfant skipper babysitter

Skipper-babysitter ?
Thierry et son harem

Thierry and his harem

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