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There is no minimum age to rent a sail boat in Corsica, and enjoy a private one or two family cruise.
From your first contacts with Activoile, you will be pleased to see that the cruise is organised around your children safety: itinerary, overall program of activities, precautions, stopovers...

à table famille enfants Naluca mères et enfants

Programs and Schedules are based on the youngest of the group. If you wish, it is always possible to organise passages of sportive sailing for the parents when the kids are busy playing on the beach.

mère et fille enfants Monnalisa pères et enfants

Safety. Our skippers are used to sailing along with families on board. They will quickly evaluate the day to day possibilities based on the weather forecast and the crew capabilities. If wearing a life jacket is not always required, some life vests adapted to children’s bodies and cute arm floaters for the arms of the smallest can help a mother to relax.

2 filles au vent petite fille brassière

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