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The itinerary chosen for a cruise –organised around children consists of
interesting and playful stopovers:
Cave exploration rowing in with the annex, exploration of an ancient stone watch tower, close encounters with flora and sea fauna, turquoise water swimming, palms, masks and tubas to snorkel.

poissons bain turquoise

Loads of fish every where             and                turquoise waters !

At the foot of an ancient tower

famille en zodiac grottes garçons zodiac

Along with a sail boat from Activoile,
always comes an annex for the greatest of kids entertainment

Stopovers: On board or ashore, children always find lots of things to watch and discover.

enfants jeux sable à la barre
fille en proue
roches plage douche sur le pont
coucher soleil Jonathan et Angele garçons et nutella

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